Pivoting to a Virtual Booth Experience

Web-based 3D interactive for healthcare professionals

Virtual Congresses, What Now?

When the global pandemic pushed major scientific meetings online, our client was left wondering how to engage with HCPs in a virtual setting. Their annual scientific affairs booths are vital touchpoints with the oncology community looking for valuable information on disease pathways and clinical programs.

Fortunately, AXS had been developing our expertise in Web-based 3D interactivity long before the pandemic and were ready with a technology solution for their virtual booth offering. Working closely with our client on content, we created a user-centered interactive experience to teach the molecular basis for their bispecific T cell engager technology.

Created for
Biopharmaceutical client

Content development
3D animation
UI & UX design
Web development

A real-time 3D web experience,
that’s what!

With real-time 3D interactivity, users are challenged to engineer the correct bispecific antibody for each of four distinct tumour types. When the correct molecule is added to its tumor microenviroment, a 3D simulation runs, in which the bispecific antibodies enable host T cells to bind and destroy the cancer cells.

Meeting our client’s objective of maximum clarity and flawless performance, we developed a distinct visual treatment and engaging experience that runs smoothly on both mobile and desktop browsers. Anatomically accurate 3D models were optimized for real-time rendering and a bold color palette invites participants to explore and easily discern different cells and molecules.


Measurable Impact

At the 2020 American Society of Hematology (ASH) virtual meeting, our client succeeded in educating and delighting their virtual booth visitors with a unique and memorable 3D experience. Over 300 visitors used the application—on par with engagement at in-person congresses, but without the benefit of a facilitator. Moreover users engaged for an average of 9 minutes, double the length of typical in-person interactions! Impact accomplished.

Flexible Design for an Evolving Future

With a modular design, our client can swap in different tumor environments and corresponding drug molecules to suit specific scientific meetings. And when in-person meetings resumed the application functioned equally well on large booth screens with touchless interaction—providing consistency between their virtual and physical booth.