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We design creative solutions around your specific needs, using our proven methodology. Here’s how we make it happen:

Goal Driven

Solutions with the most impact begin with clear objectives.

We start by getting to know you—your business goals and expectations, your audience and the content you want them to understand. This keeps us focused on what is relevant and meaningful to you, so we can deliver viable solutions that meet your goals.


Great things happen when we work together.

Drawing from a Design Thinking* framework, we tap into our collective creativity to uncover the unexpected. Opportunities are explored and ideas are evaluated to discover original solutions that make the most impact for you and your audience.
*Design thinking is a collaborative methodology for creative problem solving, in which we seek to understand our users, challenge assumptions and to look beyond obvious solutions to explore all possibilities.

Evidence Based

More than pretty pictures, our visualizations are designed to drive insight.

Our goal is to help you connect with your audience, so that they understand your science and make informed decisions. By harnessing design principles based on cognitive psychology, we optimize our work for visual perception and learning. Our evidence-based approach ensures an experience that not only engages, but also tells your story meaningfully.

Science Minded

We speak the language of science.

We are digital artists and designers armed with graduate degrees in biomedical communication and professional certifications in medical illustration. Whether it’s generating 3D models directly from data or animating cellular interactions based on peer-reviewed literature, we apply a rigorous approach to visualizing science accurately. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing we’ll get your science right.

Inspired by Possibility

Your story has limitless potentiallet us bring it to life.

As skilled digital artists, we’re constantly pushing the envelope of what is possible in biomedical visualization. We explore new creative approaches, and bring vast technical knowledge and high quality execution to ensure your story makes a lasting impression.
Let’s create something great together.