Medical Animation: The Science of Hepatalin

Created for Scimar Ltd.
The project

The discovery of hepatilin by Dr. Wayne Laut is poised to change type 2 diabetes care and prevention. Our client needed an accurate, easily-understood medical animation to explain the role of hepatalin and its implications to a wide-ranging audience. Glucose levels are regulated by a system of interconnected pathways; changing one signal can unbalance the entire system and result in diabetes. To simplify this complexity, we created a factory analogy in which a series of pipes and conveyor belts transport nerve signals, hormones, and nutrients between different organ “stations”. This allows viewers to easily see the downstream effects of changing one signal and gain a clear understanding of glucose metabolism and hepatalin’s role. This medical animation has become a key resource on SciMar’s website, on social media, and in presentations. Viewer’s have reported “lightbulb” moments, in which they can finally appreciate how tweaking just a few signals has the potential to combat, and potentially prevent, diabetes. To learn more about hepatalin, see this review in the Canadian Journal of Pharmacology and Physiology

Created for
Scimar Ltd.