Cancer Pathway MOD/MOA Animation

Created for Exelixis, Inc.
The project

High-science visuals and rich cinematography combine to make this cancer pathway MOD/MOA animation informative and entertaining. To begin, it introduces the role of CARD11-BCL10-MALT1 (CBM) in B Cell malignancies. We designed an animated 3D schematic to clearly show how CBM bridges B-cell receptor and T-cell receptor signaling to the NF-κB pathway. AXS Studio medical animators modeled all molecules using protein structure data and mapped them according to subcellular localization data. They employed multiple data to accurately animate the motion of the complex CBM filament assembly. Following the mechanism of disease, we introduce XL114, a novel small molecule inhibitor of the CBM signaling pathway. For our oncology audience, the 3D schematic provides a consistent roadmap. Returning to it throughout the cancer MOD/MOA animation keeps viewers oriented to the overall signaling pathway.

Created for
Exelixis, Inc.