Alzheimer’s Disease Medical Animation

Created for Banner Health
The project

Understanding how Alzheimer’s disease attacks the brain can help researchers develop earlier detection methods and stronger treatments. One safe way to study Alzheimer’s disease is to analyze the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) of patients obtained by lumbar puncture (LP). Our client needed a concise, patient-friendly medical animation to inspire Alzheimer’s disease patients to overcome LP hesitancy and donate CSF to research. We approached this from a patient perspective with a calm visual style and sensitive depiction of the main character. We consulted Alzheimer’s disease researchers and numerous references to depict the LP procedure accurately and sensitively. Proteins were modeled using structural data and rendered at a patient-friendly level of detail. Design decisions around pacing, language, iconography and typography balanced the needs of an audience with cognitive and memory impairments with visual interest, credibility and reassurance for caregivers.

Created for
Banner Health