Zoryve Mechanism-of-Action Animation

Created for Arcutis Biotherapeutics
The project

Targeting PDE4 with topical drugs has so far been unsuccessful due to the difficulty in crossing the epidermis without disrupting its barrier function. Arcutis solved this with a novel formulation of roflumilast that facilitates delivery to the cells that drive inflammation in psoriasis. To explain the innovative drug delivery process of HydroARQ Technology™, we worked with Arcutis scientists and devised a visual model of the emulsions that house roflumilast. A sectioned view of these emulsions and the lipid matrix between corneocytes enable us to clearly show in this mechanism-of-action animation how zoryve is able to diffuse passively between stratum corneum cells to reach its target.

Created for
Arcutis Biotherapeutics