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Bring your medical science to life with stunning medical animations and immersive interactive experiences.

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Communicate important concepts in science and medicine with accurate, impactful visuals.
Clearly explain disease information, drug mechanism of action, medical device function and more.

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Communicate clearly and effectively.
Don’t let complex information overwhelm your audience and get in the way of your story. Well-designed visuals are key to improving understanding and retention.
As scientifically trained artists, we specialize in clear, accurate visual explanations that will help you communicate effectively.
Rigorously prepared visual communications.
We know how important scientific evidence is to you, and we take pride in our attention to detail and getting things right. Every one of our visualizations is meticulously researched and carefully referenced, making sure that your story is told accurately.
Complicated MLR review process? Not a problem. We routinely work with specialized review processes to make sure all the boxes are checked.
Engaging educational experiences.
HCPs have a lot vying for their attention at congress exhibits. We’re here to help you stand out.
We design unique, memorable interactive experiences, based on core learning objectives that entertain while they teach. We help our clients increase booth traffic and start conversations.
We are AXS Studio.
A longstanding team of medically trained designers, animators, developers and writers with a passion for science, committed to helping you tell your story.
Got a medical science communication challenge?
We can help.