How It’s Made: Abode


Our second Trust-a-thon minigame is about the small steps you can take to live more sustainably at home. Vesalius Trust-a-thon is an annual team fundraiser that supports student and professional research in the field of biomedical communications. Teams have two weeks to create a communication piece based off of a secret theme. After last year’s […]

How It’s Made: PandemiQuest


One year into lockdown, our Trust-a-thon minigame created around the theme of “Apart but Together” is more relevant than ever. Last September, Team AXS set an ambitious goal to create a game in 5 days for the Vesalius Trust-a-thon, in order to raise funds to support student and professional research in the field of biomedical communications. […]

Global Game Jam 2020: How to Make a Game in 48 Hours


The Global Game Jam is the world’s largest international game creation event, where creatives of all stripes are given a theme around which they must try to build a game over a single weekend. This year, three intrepid AXS members stepped up to the challenge: Developers Matthew Ostil and David Tran, and Head of Art […]

How It’s Made: AXS Studio Interactive Holiday Card


Happy 2020! AXS Studio wrapped up the last decade by creating an interactive Holiday Card to celebrate the season. Now that the holidays are over, we’re taking a look back at how the interactive holiday card was brought to life—from ideation to production to adding interactivity.While the term “holiday card” conjures up specific imagery of snowflakes […]

How It’s Made: Human Microbiome Scientific Illustration Cover for Nature


June 27th is World Microbiome Day, in celebration of all of the microscopic organisms that live in and around us. A recently published issue of Nature showcases the Integrative Human Microbiome Project, which delves into the link between humans, their health, and how their microbiomes affect them. The Human Microbiome Project spanned over 10 years […]