Innovations in 3D Animation Technology for Pharma


The Power of Procedural Animation Why do innovations in 3D animation technology for Pharma matter? Your medical reviewer has just finished their review of the MOA animation you commissioned. This is the final review and the video goes live in a week. They previously reviewed and signed off on the storyboard and rough cut animation, […]

International Women’s Day 2023


International Women’s Day is a global celebration of women and women’s rights advocacy. Previously, we interviewed AXS co-founder Sonya about her journey as a female entrepreneur. This year, we’re shining a spotlight on our exceptional and eagle-eyed Head of Art and Design, Joyce Hui, as she shares her thoughts on the intersections between gender equity, design, and […]

How It’s Made: Abode


Our second Trust-a-thon minigame is about the small steps you can take to live more sustainably at home. Vesalius Trust-a-thon is an annual team fundraiser that supports student and professional research in the field of biomedical communications. Teams have two weeks to create a communication piece based off of a secret theme. After last year’s […]

How It’s Made: PandemiQuest


One year into lockdown, our Trust-a-thon minigame created around the theme of “Apart but Together” is more relevant than ever. Last September, Team AXS set an ambitious goal to create a game in 5 days for the Vesalius Trust-a-thon, in order to raise funds to support student and professional research in the field of biomedical communications. […]