Our goal is simple: to tell your story clearly and effectively with beautiful visuals.

A passion for visual storytelling

Nothing gets us charged like a tough visualization challenge. We love developing unique solutions that clearly and accurately explain important concepts using stunning 3D animation or immersive interactive experiences. 

We know that great visual storytelling is highly effective at engaging and informing people: medical practitioners, patients and more. We also know that informed people make smarter decisions in healthcare. And that’s what motivates us.

Science visualization experts

We’re a highly specialized company: focused on the creation of visual media to explain medical science. We spend every day immersed in the world of visual science communication, depicting health and disease from the level of individual biomolecules, through to cells, whole tissues and organ systems.
Clients trust us to understand their science and explain it to audiences accurately and effectively.

Experiences that drive results

As lifelong learners and advocates for experiential learning, we love creating exciting new ways for people to absorb scientific content.
We design immersive interactive experiences that are unique, fun and educational, with our signature attention to accuracy and visual excellence. They’re also highly effective when it comes to driving traffic at medical congress booths and increasing engagement time with HCPs.

Moments of truth

There are milestones during medical product development where our services are typically used. At these moments of truth, valuable information needs to be conveyed effectively to an influential audience.
We understand the nuances of communicating with different audiences at key moments during preclinical, clinical and commercial stages and enjoy the visualization challenges these entail.

Enabled by technology

Advances in computer graphics have opened new visualization opportunities for biomedical communicators like us, from accurate depictions of molecular interactions to virtual journeys through the cytoplasm.
But there is more than digital wizardry behind the work we produce. The principles of visual art, graphic design and filmmaking provide the foundation for everything we create. After all, the tools are only as good as the artist using them.

What our clients say about us

We think we’re great to work with, but don’t take our word for it. Read what our clients have to say.


We don’t do it for the awards, but we do enjoy sharing the accolades with our clients.
Award of Excellence

CRISPR-Cas9: Mechanism and Applications

2018 annual meeting of the association of Medical Illustrators

View project

Award of Merit

Guardians of the Genome

2018 annual meeting of the association of Medical Illustrators

View project

Award of Excellence

Animation created for The Gene Doctors

2018 annual meeting of the association of Medical Illustrators

View project

Award of Excellence
Nature Cover: Life Support for Livers 2018 annual meeting of the association of Medical Illustrators View project
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