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Visualizing DNA in a virtual reality (VR) science game

Written by Stuart Jantzen and Brendan Polley @brenpolley A simple image search of ‘DNA’ or ‘DNA structure’ makes it clear that there are myriad ways, both inaccurate and accurate, of representing DNA in science illustrations and medical animations. For a virtual reality (VR) science game AXS Studio is developing internally, called Guardians of the Genome, we […]

Top 10 Game Jam tips. Developing fun science games in a hurry

AXS Studio science artists and developers Joyce Hui, Mike Kent, Susan Park and Brendan Polley recently took up the challenge at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) annual Game Jam — a sleep-deprived weekend of art and coding. Given 2 days to finish a space-themed video game, they rocked it. Rogue Rovers is an addictive, super-fun multiplayer game of discovery (and smashing) on the […]

June is brain injury awareness month

Brain Injury Awareness Month highlights the importance of understanding the effects and causes of brain injury. Together with the Florida Institute for Neurologic Rehabilitation (FINR), AXS Studio created 2 digital resources to help the families of patient understand the causes, effects and treatments of common brain injuries:      Understanding Brain Injury: Acute Hospitalization, and […]

Medical illustration for the cover of Nature

Medical illustrators use their scientific knowledge and artistic skill to help people understand complex concepts in science and medicine. But it isn’t always for instruction or to market a medical product. Just ask medical illustrator, Susan Park, who recently created an editorial image for the 16 April 2015 issue of Nature to illustrate the cover story, Positive ID: Towards […]

Celebrating 10 years of medical science visualization | AXS Studio

We’d like to thank everyone who celebrated 10 years of amazing medical science visualization with us! We had a fantastic turnout: teachers from our alma mater, Biomedical Communications at the University of Toronto; colleagues from the medical and visualization communities; family members; and clients, who have provided us with so many opportunities over the years […]

Talking science visualization in the classroom

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking to a class of wonderful grade 5’s about medical science visualization. They’re learning about the human body and invited me talk about the amazing things we get to do at AXS studio, with a short lesson on the respiratory system thrown in. It was super fun. Kids are so […]